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Tangerine Help Documentation

Introduction Applying and Retrieving Colors in Your Applications Working with Swatches
Managing Palettes Window Positioning and Visibility Tangerine Settings Reference


Applying and Retrieving Colors in Your Applications

Window Position and Visibility

Tangerine Settings

Working with Color Swatches

Managing Palettes




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How to IconTangerine Insights

Discover how you can use Tangerine to your advantage.

Insights Movie Introducing the Palette Window
Insights Movie Tangerine and the Web Design Process

Custom Profile Examples

For information about building your own Custom Profiles, see Creating a Custom Profile for an Application.


Known Issues

Tech SupportTech Support
We try to provide all the support you need right here on our website. However, you can email our customer support team at support@rightside.com.au. Please provide our customer support team with as much information about the issue as you can, that way we can respond to the problem accurately and efficiently.

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