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Tangerine color management software provides
          graphic designers and creative professionals with a unique color
          workflow experience. Now you can have the color you want, when
            you want it, how you want it. Tangerine offers new and enhanced
          color support to OS X.

One Palette for all your Applications

Tangerine takes all the hassle out of applying color schemes across unrelated applications.  Just add a color to Tangerine's palette and you'll be free to apply it effortlessly wherever it’s needed. Think of the time you'll save not having to enter and re-enter color values.

Through integration with several leading graphics applications and Apple's Colors panel, Tangerine provides a universal color palette system that delivers the freedom of an uninterrupted color workflow.

Colors Transformed

Tangerine bridges the gap between the color you can see and its practical application on your computer. It painlessly transforms visual colors into syntax for a range of programming languages. If you're programming on a Mac, Tangerine lets you insert syntax for a color straight into your code. This is a real benefit when mocking up an interface in a graphics application then recreating it in code!

Tangerine adds new and timesaving color support to applications that don't normally share the same color format.

Color Swatches into Color Syntax
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Palette Window
Tangerine's Palette Window

Your Palette Assistant

Keeping track of colors can be a thankless, time-consuming task. Tangerine takes care of that too. Like the perfect assistant working quietly in the background, it orders and files all your color schemes so they can be retrieved with ease whenever you need them again.

Any color held in Tangerine can be modified. That means you can edit its color component values, its color model or its color profile. In addition, Tangerine keeps track of information about a color's properties, its source and the dates on which it was created, last modified and last used.

Swatch Information Panel
Swatch Information Panel
(Details & Color Adjustment Mode)

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Download Tangerine
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Version: 1.2
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5. Compatibility issues exist with OS X 10.6.
Download: File size 3.4MB
Having trouble downloading?
Demo: Available
Purchase: Purchases are made through Rightside Response's Online Store. Tangerine costs (USD)$39.95.

Universal Binary

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Discover how you can use Tangerine to your advantage.

Insights Movie Introducing the Palette Window
Insights Movie Tangerine and the Web Design Process

Key Features Key Features

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